Teacher's Philosophy of Teaching

“The students of today are the headers of tomorrow.” A very well-known quote that has a profound meaning in my life. As teachers, we should provide inspiration all of our students and constantly push them to reach for the stars. I want to see my students succeed, I created new innovative ways to teach my students. Each child is an individual with their own unique style of learning. As an educator, it is important to be able to adapt your plans and techniques. An educational philosophy theorist that truly inspired me is Howard Gardner. His perspectives are extremely interesting on how technology and media can be incorporated in a teaching environment.


In my classroom, I touch upon all of the seven types of intelligence: linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, kinesthetic, spatial and interpersonal and intrapersonal.  This offers a unique learning method to children who have special needs and require accommodations. According to Howard Gardner, children are proficient in at least seven distinct categories of intelligence. His overall philosophy had an enormous effect on the way the educational system functions today. Children do learn from making their own connections based on personal experiences. I implement these tools in my classroom. I incorporate media imagery; websites, blogs, digitalized assignments, songs or YouTube videos that pertain to my core educational curriculum standers. Technology motivates and engages students to learn. Therefore, it is very important for teachers to adapt and utilize a variety of learning styles to allow students to succeed. By incorporating educational learning games, it entices the student to do their best while simultaneously creating a unique learning experience. Every child has the ability to accomplish anything that they can put their minds to. As a teacher I motivate and encourage my students to achieve their full potential. Teaching my students and watching them understand the concepts and content is one of a teacher’s unsung rewards. Teaching is an elementary school you realize just how impressionable their young minds can be. Knowing that what you are doing, the atmosphere you are creating, the behavioral tendencies, your responses, everything is being picked up upon. Inspiring students to better themselves and their communities, and knowing one day one one of your former students could end up becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or the president. That is the ultimate reward to teaching, guiding them and making them believe that their goals and accomplishment should have no limits or boundaries. In the classroom, I stress positive  enforcement because it will help any student grasp a deeper understanding of the lesson. Creating a positive environment and setting high expectations for students will push students to achieve their goals.


Focusing on positive reinforcement is something I strongly believe in, as it promotes better behavior, helps students learn easier, and makes learning fun. My teaching style as a hybrid of several methods that combined work best. My goal is to continue to teach my students in  a way that makes it fun and to further build on their prior knowledge. Over the years, through trial and sometimes error I have developed my own unique way of teaching. Each year, I have the privilege of meeting and fostering a new group of students developing a new classroom personality. I incorporate cooperative learning by grouping students together to contribute to team goals focusing on each students talents, interest and abilities. Cooperative learning assists in developing a student”s social skills, and develops teamwork. Certain times I need to target on the personal development of the students and create opportunities for each student to increase their self-understanding and self-concepts.


Implementing this in my curriculum, it helps students realize that they all have their own strengths. Helping each student realize that there is more than one right way to achieve success, but one thing that remains constant and I try to stress the importance of, is hard work and perseverance.


The iLearn Teacher of the Year Program honors excellence in classroom education and provides a forum to showcase many outstanding educators whose efforts and example have inspired their students, their colleagues, and the communities they serve.


iLearn Schools Teacher of the Year is the highest honor that iLearn Schools can bestow upon a teacher. This program annually recognizes and rewards teachers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching.


Every spring each campus selects a Teacher of the Year and amongst them, one iLearn Schools Teacher of the Year is selected.  The one teacher that is selected as the iLearn Schools Teacher of the Year may represent iLearn Schools in the Governor’s Teacher of the Year and the New Jersey Charter School Association Teacher of the Year programs.